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Join our immersive Permaculture Design Course from 14th – 28th September 2024 in the beautiful setting of Bude, Cornwall. Led by renowned designer and teacher Aranya, this course offers practical and theoretical knowledge to help you make significant positive changes in your life.

Course Highlights

Join our comprehensive permaculture design course in the beautiful setting of Bude, Cornwall, led by renowned permaculture designer and teacher, Aranya. This immersive course will help you make significant positive changes in your life by providing a broad introduction to the applications of permaculture across various domains, including food production, community structures, alternative currencies, and eco-housing.


Experience a dynamic mix of traditional lectures, group work, discussions, observation exercises, guided walks, practical activities, videos, and slide shows. These varied teaching methods cater to different learning styles and are supportive of people with learning difficulties.


See permaculture in action by visiting local projects that implement the theories discussed in the course. These site visits provide practical insights and inspiration, showing you how permaculture principles can be successfully applied in real-world settings.


Learn alongside like-minded individuals in a collaborative setting that values everyone's unique skills and knowledge. This course fosters a supportive community where you can share experiences and grow together.


Engage in practical activities that allow you to apply what you’ve learned in real-time. These hands-on experiences help solidify your understanding and provide you with the confidence to implement permaculture practices in your own life.


Benefit from the expertise of Aranya, a leading permaculture designer and teacher. His extensive experience and knowledge will guide you through the course, providing valuable insights and personalized feedback.


Enjoy a balanced schedule with a full day off mid-course and a half day off each week. These breaks ensure you have time to rest and reflect on your learning, making the intensive course more manageable and enjoyable.

This Course Is for You If...

You Want to Learn from a Leading Permaculture Expert

Benefit from the guidance and expertise of Aranya, a renowned permaculture designer and teacher. His extensive knowledge and experience will provide you with valuable insights and personalized feedback.

You Seek Hands-On Experience in Sustainable Practices

Engage in practical activities that allow you to apply permaculture principles in real-time. These hands-on experiences will help solidify your understanding and give you the confidence to implement sustainable practices in your own life.

You Want to Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

Join a supportive and collaborative community of people who share your passion for sustainability. This course offers a unique opportunity to connect, share experiences, and grow together.

You Have No Prior Knowledge

This course is designed for everyone, regardless of prior knowledge or experience. Our diverse and inclusive teaching methods ensure that all participants can engage with and benefit from the course content.

Learning Methods

We employ a diverse range of teaching methods to ensure a fun, lively, and inclusive experience:

These methods support different learning styles and are inclusive of people with learning difficulties. We also offer visits to projects where permaculture theory is actively implemented.


For detailed information about the course methodology, contact Aranya.

Course Details

Duration: 14th – 28th September 2024

Breaks: Mid-course day off and half day off each week


    • Full Price: £855
    • Concession: £625
    • Non-residential: £695
    • Non-residential Concession: £465

Permaculture at Kents

Located on a 7-acre smallholding on the North Atlantic Cornish coast, Kents is a living example of permaculture in action, driven by the principles of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.

01 - Key Features of Kents

02 - Philosophy

At Kents, we believe in working hard, playing hard, and enjoying life to the fullest. We aim to set an example for landowners and gardeners by demonstrating how to live sustainably and contribute positively to the planet.

Additional Resources

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An extensive collection of articles, guides, and case studies from the Permaculture Association. This resource is ideal for diving deeper into specific aspects of permaculture and learning from real-world examples.

Permies - A Global Resource for Permaculture

A vibrant online community and resource hub for all things permaculture. Connect with others, participate in discussions, and access a wealth of information on sustainable living practices and permaculture techniques.

Permaculture Design Course

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