Escape to the tranquility of Kents of Cornwall​​

Immerse yourself in nature and experience the magic of yurt living.

What we do

Eco Retreats Yurts Stays

Escape to nature and experience the tranquility of our yurt retreats. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Cornwall while enjoying comfortable accommodations and a range of activities.

Permaculture Design Courses

Learn sustainable living practices through our immersive permaculture courses. Our expert instructors will guide you in creating a harmonious relationship with the environment.

Yurt Sales

Bring the magic of yurts to your own space with our high-quality yurt sales. Create a unique and eco-friendly living or workspace that stands out from the crowd.

About us

Meet Liss and Joe, the passionate founders behind Kents of Cornwall.

Kents of Cornwall was founded by Liss and Joe with a deep passion for yurts, permaculture, and providing unique retreat experiences. Their love for nature and sustainable living drove them to create a business that offers yurt retreats, immersive permaculture courses, and yurt sales. With a focus on creating a harmonious connection between people and the environment, Kents of Cornwall aims to inspire and educate individuals about the benefits of sustainable living and the beauty of yurt living.


Whether you’re curious about our retreats, Yurts, or courses we’re here to answer any questions.