Yurts for sound Healing

Here’s a lovely article about one of our yurts: Sound Healing in my Yurt is like coming home by Teresa Wicksteed, qualified Sound Healing Practitioner I am now practising Sound Healing in a Mongolian Yurt in my garden overlooking the sea. Actually, its correct name is “Ger”…which means Home. Entering Read more…

Earth Pizza Oven

Nearly everyone loves pizza and making your own oven makes it that bit more special. You can buy an oven for thousands but it’s much more fun to make your own, using materials lying around and with minimal impact on the earth. Here’s how we made our oven in the garden, all for under £20. Read more…

New Arrivals at Kents

NEW DUCKLINGS AND A CHICK We have some new faces at Kents, Debbie the duck who we hatched ourselves in an incubator has become a first time mother! She spent 1 month in the bushes and surprised us all when she led 5 healthy ducklings to water 1 day earlier Read more…

Chicken Heights

The chickens now have a new ‘tree house’ home out in the Orchard. The house is built up on legs with a rickety ladder. The idea being that the chickens can go up and down but a fox can’t. So they will be able to come and go as they Read more…

Yurts for Sale

  After a break over Jan and Feb we’re now spring cleaning and preparing everything for the busy season. The yurts will officially open on the 4th of April. We’re also ordering in a few more yurts and will have some for sale soon! Here are a couple of pics of our guys at Read more…

The final tree being planted

We’ve planted all the trees. Thanks so much to all our friends, family and our lovely volunteers, we couldn’t have done it without you! Now they all need mulching, staking and tree guards. We’ve planted 100 oak, plus maple, sweet chestnut, walnut, silver birch, scots pine, blackthorn, hazel, crab apple, Read more…

Tree Planting

Over the last week we have been building fences and preparing for the arrival of our 575 trees from the Woodland Trust! Today they have finally arrived. We have all the positions marked out and are ready to start planting tomorrow with our team of volunteers Exciting!!     

We’re in Permaculture Magazine

 We’re super excited to be featured in this season’s issue of Permaculture Magazine. The article is all about how we designed and built our wood fired rocket stove hot tub! With full instructions on how to build your own. You can donwload it or order a copy here.  

Harvest Time

Today’s harvest: runner beans, black beans, tomatoes, cooking apples, artichokes, horseradish, parsnip, cucumber, courgette, marrow, runner beans and our giant  pumpkin! All organic Happy Harvest.      

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