Yurts for sound Healing

Here’s a lovely article about one of our yurts:

Sound Healing in my Yurt is like coming home

by Teresa Wicksteed, qualified Sound Healing Practitioner

I am now practising Sound Healing in a Mongolian Yurt in my garden overlooking the sea. Actually, its correct name is “Ger”…which means Home.

Entering the patterned wooden door of the Ger is a home-coming experience: the overwhelming feel is of comfort, stillness and safety, almost womb-like, and feeling protected from the intrusions of the outside world.

It is a circular space, with no windows, the light coming through the Crown (Toono) at the apex in the centre.

The Crown is a wooden wheel, symbolic of the Buddhist dharma-chakra: universal Truth.

The light streaming into the centre of the Ger adds to the feel of a Sacred space, especially as it falls between two internal pillars, the Dragon Gate or Baganas. These two pillars are not structural, but protectively guard the central light space. The vertical axis here represents the World’s Tree where the shaman ascends to the upper world to bring back knowledge for her tribe. Baganas symbolically link earth, wind and sky.

All of the structures and materials used in Ger-construction possess special symbolism. Authentic Yak wool is used in the wall insulation, pliable larch wood in the lattice of the wall, (Khana), connected with leather ties, and horsehair rope ties connect to the roof.

My Ger came from Mongolia in May, from the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar on a ship to Southampton, thence to Cornwall, then expertly installed by specialists Alicia and Joe from KentsofCornwall.com .

The acoustic quality in my Ger is quite amazing; the insulated walls and circular form prevent external sounds from intruding on the deep calmness of the space, allowing the toning sound of my voice and instrumental sound to be directly focussed for the client’s best healing experience.

This is my dedicated healing space and already has a powerful feel of positive healing energy.

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