Kents is a collaborative of people, animals and wildlife living in harmony with the land

Kents, is a 7 acre smallholding on the North Atlantic Cornish  coast. We are taking responsibility for the land in what we believe to be the most productive, progressive and sustainable way. 


Fuelled by the belief in a better planet and with the guidance of permaculture principles: ‘Earth Care’, ‘People Care’ and ‘Fair Share’. Everything has a purpose and everything should be connected just like in nature. We stack the functions of every aspect of, not only the farm, but our yurt selling business and eco-retreats too.

We are host to wildlife ponds that are not only beautiful, but irrigate, provide food & forage, and a haven for wildlife, wild fowl, fish and bio fertiliser.  We use compost loo’s and compost heated showers, which provide excellent fertiliser for our trees and plants, it reduces our water consumption, reliance on fossil fuels and the need to process waste and lay large water pipes. The water drains through reeds into the pond creating further uses for the ponds. You can see now, when these techniques are used across our land, in our gardens, orchards and businesses we are able to run as smoothly and successfully as possible. 

 We are always looking to improve and adapt, trying to make a difference and set an example to other land owners and gardeners of what could be.

We feel life is all about work hard, play hard and taking time to enjoy the things we love; good food, the beach, the countryside, growing and then sharing that with our guests, volunteers and community. We strive to create a different way of living, going beyond being simply sustainable and actually contributing more to the planet than we take, creating a happy, healthy life whilst making a positive impact.  


Kents of Cornwall 

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Want to learn more about permaculture?

Why not sign up for our course this September link below.

About our Permaculture design course

The course will run from 7.45pm on Friday 17th September to 6.00pm on Friday 1st October. There will be a day off mid-course on Saturday 25th.
17 September 2021 to 1 October 2021
Cost: Full rate: £795 / 4 concs at £575. Non res: £655/£435.

Our ourse is led by leading permaculture designer and teacher Aranya. 


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