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With a strong emphasis on reducing human impact and conserving precious resources, our composting toilets for sale provide an environmentally friendly, low input, sustainable solution to all your toilet needs. If you want to spend more time down the bottom of the garden, want to install a  toilet on your campsite or want to reduce your water usage our compost toilets are the perfect solution. 

 1/3 of UK household water usage is from flushing the toilet. This water is fresh drinking water which has cost a lot to be treated to get to drinking water stage, only to be flushed down the loo. A composting toilet will enable you to save water and close the natural biological cycle and return human waste to compost which is incredibly fertile and useful when used as a fertiliser.


Build specs 

Our compost toilets come with everything you need, so once it is installed it will be immediately ready for use.

Dimensions (bigger than all other standard models) 

Floor – 1.2m x 1.2 m, Roof – 1.5m x 1.6m, Height – 2.3 (front edge) x 1.95 (back edge)

  • FSC certified timber

  • Thick 2”x 2”treated timber framing

  • Scandinavian treated feather edge cladding

  • 3”x 2” floor frame with 6”x 1” flooring

  • Reclaimed pine toilet seat box, treated with beeswax to help preserve.

  • Corrugate bitchamin roof with clear sky light panel

  • Rear access door for easy access to waste buckets

  • External and internal pad bolts

  • Urine separator either joined to small soak away or separate bucket

  • X1 solid waste bucket bin

  • X1 urine bucket

  • Toilet roll holder 

  • Hand sanitiser 

  • Sawdust chug bucket

  • 1x bag of sawdust

  • Black chalkboard with how to instructions 

  • Matching black door hinges, handles and bolts

Added extras 

700mm x 700mm x 700mm gravel filled soakaway installation- £100 


Delivery and installation

Free delivery and installation within 100miles of ex23 0hz. Delivery beyond this distance the first 100miles is free then mileage charged at £1.20p per mile to customers delivery location.

 Home address – Kents, Marhamchurch, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0ey 

(A level 2m x 2m area must be preparing if you wish for me to install the compost toilet)


Bespoke builds


Over the past 8 years we have been installing yurts and building campsites for people across the country, therefore If you have any bespoke build requirements you would like to add please drop us a message or call and we can discuss more options.

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