The Project

cute black lamb

Making cob for building with help from baby Nina

The Kents Collective is a permaculture project. A bunch of people and animals living together off the land, aiming for happy healthy lives, while making a positive impact.
It’s all about finding different ways of living. We want to go beyond sustainable – putting in more than we take out.  Enjoying the things we love; good food, fresh air, the beach, the surf, the countryside and sharing it with our guests, volunteers and community. We’re guided by the principles of permaculture; ‘Earth care,’ ‘People care’ and ‘Fair share’.
On the farm are chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, horses and our pet rabbit. Veg gardens, greenhouses, wild flowers, a woodland and at the moment we’re planting an orchard and food forest. Woodburners for heat and solar panels for electric. We’ve planted a forest for our future wood supply, we’re also powered by Ecotricity*.
* Switch to Ecotricity with our ‘friends code’ RAF-J2A5H and get a £50 shopping voucher for you and for us

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