Kents began with two keen adventures, Joe and Liss, wandering nomads with open minds and open hearts. They set off on the trip of a lifetime, to discover unknown cultures and chase childhood dreams, from which they have never looked back since.

Starting from the windswept countryside of Cornwall, they eventually found themselves on the trans siberian railway, en route to the harsh frozen plains of a Mongolian winter. It was in Mongolia, living with nomadic families and completely immersed in their way of life that the idea to bring Yurts (or ‘Gers’ as they are known in Mongolia) back to the UK cam to them.

With two ‘Gers’ in tow, they headed back to Cornwall, but the adventure had only just begun. The challenging task of adapting a yurt to survive in the coastal climate of western cornwall is no mean feat, and proved to be quite the undertaking for both ancient dwelling and young couple alike. Although yurts are built to survive in one of the coldest, harshest climates on the planet – from sub zero winters to scorching hot summers, they were no match for the cold, damp and dark in the UK.

Slowly however, they found ways to improve and alter the original design, eventually creating a hybrid super-yurt, capable of withstanding the torrential rain and wind beset upon them by the Cornish weather.

The following years brought with them many trips back to Mongolia, and over time they built up a friendship and business with a local Yurt maker in Ulaanbaatar, (the capital of the country). Together they forged a new kind of yurt, a perfect combination of both old and new, and along with it a new kind of business relationship, one that benefited both parties.

Since then they have established thriving yurt business and permaculture farm, built through many years of hard work, dedication and passion.

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