Why A Yurt?

If you’re reading this you’re probably more yurt-savvy than most! Nonetheless, investing in a yurt is a big decision, but one we’re sure you won’t regret. A yurt is a circular moveable dwelling commonly used across Asia for the last three thousand years. Yurts are one of the oldest, hardiest and most sacred forms of human dwelling, crossing nations, sustaining armies and protecting families for many millenniums. 

Their unique round design creates a structure that is not only incredibly strong and resistant to natural disaster, but also easy to construct and take down – making them perfect not only for the nomadic tribes of Mongolia but for anyone looking for a sustainable dwelling they can build themselves in a matter of days.

An experienced group of Nomads can put up a yurt in an hour, while a novice yurt owner and some friends may be able to construct their own in less than a day (depending on how many tea breaks you take).

If the idea of building your own yurt by yourself scares you however, don’t worry – we’ll build the yurt with you the first time to show you the ropes.

Why Buy A Yurt From Us?

Here at Kents of Cornwall we’ve lived the yurt life. Having had Yurts up on our land for the last 6 years we’ve done all the hard work and made the mistakes that you won’t need to make. You name the problem we’ve encountered it, and eventually – overcome it. We can offer a wealth of advice and knowledge on just about anything yurt related, giving you an insight into the life of a yurt owner.  From summer glamping set ups, winter live in jobs, permanent family homes to spiritual healing centres – we’ve been there. 

We pride ourselves in offering first-class customer service, tailored to you and your yurt. We’re always just a phone call or an email away to guide you through the process of becoming a ‘yurtie’. Whether you’re a complete newbie or an experienced  yurt owner already, we’re here for you, ready to deliver.


5M Yurt

5.8M Yurt

6.3M Yurt

Our smallest size of yurt, great for use as an office space, spare room or chill out zone.


With almost an extra meter in diameter, these 5.8M yurts make an excellent living space, guest house or summer retreat.


Our largest size yurt, perfect for creating an off-grid home, party venue or a play area for the kids.


If you would like a different size, we can have it custom made for you, please contact us for an individual quote.


We understand that buying a yurt is a financial investment, and thats why we feel you deserve to try before you buy. For every new customer we recommend coming on holiday to Cornwall to stay in one of our own cozy yurts, and get 2 full nights for free if you purchase a yurt from us.

See our yurt holidays page to learn more

Service & Delivery

We pride ourselves on a first class, friendly and personal service. We are happy to deliver anywhere on the UK mainland for the price of diesel, Please contact us for an individual quote. We can export to anywhere in the world.

We can give advice on construction, platforms and just about anything yurt related, feel free to give us a ring or send an email. We understand that buying a yurt is a big jump into the unknown so don’t hesitate to bombard us with your queries.

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